How do I qualify?


Recipients must live within the Denmark School District, but do not need to have a child enrolled in the schools. There are no income requirements. Recipients will need to give basic household information, including residents' names and dates of birth.


Registration is month-by-month.

Recipients must register each month they are requesting groceries.

This can be done online on our webpage, or by calling us at (920) 786-0525.

Recipients must sign-up before the second Tuesday of each month.


Each recipient will receive groceries for a $10 suggested donation.


A donation statement will be delivered with the groceries.

Recipients may donate by check, cash, or online with a debit card.

No one is denied groceries based on their ability to donate.

The actual cost of the groceries is $75-100.


What kinds of groceries will be delivered?


Each month, the Denmark Community Cupboard receives donations from individuals and organizations around our community. These donations help us to offer healthy grocery items to guests at a low cost. Monthly groceries include meat, dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables, canned soups, pasta, etc.


Groceries will be delivered on the second Tuesday of each month.


Volunteers will deliver your groceries in the late afternoon or early evening hours. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler outside in the shade in case we have refrigerated or frozen items to deliver.